Any update on vote stagnancy issue

Are there any concrete plans to solve the vote stagnancy issues? I know this topic was discussed extensively in the past and the foundation indicated that they’re working on it but we’ve heard nothing so far.

I’m going to open up a thread to discuss it specifically either this week or next, but to provide a brief update:

  • Vote Spreading, where “stagnant” votes would be equally spread to all teams in the top 100, was discussed extensively from a tech standpoint internally. We found that it would be indeed possible, though take additional research and considerable resources.
  • However, most importantly, through discussion with some other P-Reps we found that Vote Spreading would create a meaningful incentive to Sybil attack the network, meaning a single entity/person would be strongly economically incentivized to launch as many P-Reps as possible in the top 100.

As I have continued to think about the long term security of our network I have become more and more inclined to avoid Sybil attacks when possible. Having said that, we are now in the process of considering other options to solve the vote stagnancy issue and we can discuss it as a community on the specific forum thread once it’s up. The cons for Vote Spreading started to add up too much, with extra research, extra development, and the introduction of a strong incentive to Sybil attack I think we should come up with other ideas together

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