Activate the Revision 9

Revision 9 Proposal

The ICON Foundation is going to submit a Network Proposal (Revision Proposal) to activate the Revision 9 feature. This Revision 9 is already included in Loopchain 2.6.0, ICON Service 1.7.3, and Reward calculator 1.2.0. The purpose of the proposal is to enhance the governance experience of the ICON Network. Below are the summary of the update. You can find a release note for this update at the link (

Summary of this update

  • Add a Private Key Dualization feature so that a P-Rep can separate the key used for block production from the key used for governance. The existing key will be used as governance keys, and P-Reps can register additional node key for block production going forward
  • Add a Multiple Unstaking Requests function so that a user can create multiple unstaking requests and manage it
  • Support a SCORE inter-call function to interact with System SCORE so that a smart contract can stake and delegate with IISS API using SCORE internal call
  • Add a new type of the network proposal to adjust the global i_rep value
  • The number of delegation slots has increased up to 100
  • Minor bugfix and code optimization

ICON Foundation is planning to release a new docker image for Mainnet from UTC 05:00 on 10th Aug 2020 and submit the Revision 9 Proposal on 13th Aug UTC


Hi @ICON_ADMIN, the link seems to be old one.

Hi @ajaya, just fixed. Thanks.