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ICON Delegation Program Application

The applications were for June we are on the last day of June. Is foundation announce the reviews like grant request or just going to announce the teams included? Also with this status how the timeline for upcoming months will be affected.

Can we get an update on the Delegation Program status?

I was assuming (apparently incorrectly) this was going to be decided by the end of June, but now we are 4 days into July and there hasn’t been any feedback, responses or decisions.

Can we get an ETA on this?

I guess it is a 3 months program now as those provided with delegation in may are still … well delegated. Meanwhile no updates at all, no feedback at all, just dead silence.
Seems like foundation got their boyzzz promoted and left the building.
PS Since 2 moths have passed it would be interesting to recieve an unpade from those teams who recieved delegation and see where they spent extra rewards from the program and that was really done. My guess is - close to nothing.
Hooray decentralisation.

What is the status for this delegation program? Are the june applications going to be reviewed for July?