Network Proposals

Malicious SCORE Proposal Throughout the history of the public blockchain, we have learned how malicious smart contracts negatively influence the protocol. The P-Reps can keep the network safe from such phenomenon by submitting a ‘Malicious SCORE Proposal’ that can freeze the SCORE (Smart Contract on Reliable Environment) to prevent improper implementation or adverse effect to the network. Each SCORE can be frozen up to three days. Text Proposal ‘Text Proposal’ is designed to derive consensus among P-Reps over the ambiguous topics on-chain. Such topics may include software upgrade or adjusting different opinions about representatives. Step Price Proposal The ‘Step Price Proposal’ is a decision-making process that can be used to determine the Step Price of ICON Network. Step is the metric to measure a single unit of transaction fees on the ICON Network. Each transaction on the ICON Network will cost a certain amount of Step. P-Rep can make a proposal to determine the price of the step. P-Rep Disqualification Proposal The ‘P-Rep Disqualification Proposal’ is a decision-making process that can be used to dismiss inappropriate representatives in the network. This is a powerful tool that allows P-Reps to penalize disqualified representatives who are hard to be identified.
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